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Trackless Train Rentals For a Child’s Birthday Party are a GREAT Idea!

Trackless Train Rentals For a Child’s Birthday Party are a GREAT Idea! Trackless train rides can be brought to any location including a home, school church or business. One rule of thumb to remember is that trackless trains need to be on a hard, flat and level surface.

2018 Price $5,000 Please Log into view contact details. Trackless Train Ad No. 220265 Ad Placed 12/05/2021 Location Views 95 Price $6,000.

Then a trackless train rental is the ticket. A trackless train rental is a perfect choice for your kids birthday party or event. Kids and young adults are all-a-board for a trackless train at their party. Laying track isn’t needed for one of these rentals.

This Barrel train party train rental requires no tracks and can run on grass or concrete. This wondrous trackless train rental can holds up to 5 passengers and take them on a magical journey through time and space, wowing them with an adventure that will leave them grinning from ear to ear and begging to …

Party Trains: Each Rising Party Train can carry up to 24 kids or 12 adults at a time. Ride the Party Trains at Summer Camps, Kids Parties, Daycare Centers, Special Events, Church or School Events, Family Reunions and more! Available in the New Orleans area and All Southeast Louisiana.

Private rail car rentals typically start from about US$9,000 per day. Our project and guest management services allow your journey to be planned to the last detail. Your private rail car rental includes all operational charges as well as: Please ask us about any services you need on-board or to connect your journey seamlessly:

The Theme Just Got a Whole Lot Easier When you opt for a train rental, you can build the entire theme of the birthday party around it. Everything will be consistent which makes your jobs as the party planner that much simpler. The cake design can be in that of a train, decorations can be train themed, and party favors can have little toys trains. No More Entertainment Needed Having a train at a birthday party is like having a kid’s version of an amusement park. They will be playing for hours and their imaginations will run wild. You won’t have to splurge on a variety of entertainment aspects and you can utilize the train for play time, picture-taking, and organized games.

It is Gender Neutral When dealing with young kids, it is often hard to find a birthday party theme that both sexes will be mesmerized by. Many little girls want to dress up as “Frozen” princesses and boys want to be “Ninja Turtles.” With a train rental, both boys and girls will be entertained

Our Trackless Party Trains are perfect for Children’s Birthday Parties, Schools, Retirement Parties, Holiday gatherings, Festivals, Weddings, Graduation Parties, Sweet Sixteen Parties, Parades, Family Reunions, Church functions, Corporate events, Day Care centers, Summer Camps, Charity Events, Fundraisers or any Special Event.

Trackless Train Rental is an excellent addition to kids birthday parties, festivals or any other events. it’s extremely fun. Our Trackless Train can be ridden on any flat surface, grass, asphalt and pavement. That means we can have fun practically anywhere.

Following are the maintenance tip you as a trackless train owner must follow:

• Conduct regular inspection: you must regularly inspect the functions, operation of the trackless train. Moreover, all of its electrical and mechanical components should also be examined.
A regular inspection can help you detect the problem earlier, and you don’t have to bear expensive repairing cost.

• Keep the trackless train clean: You must make sure that the ride is cleaned regularly. All of the dirt, grease, dust, and smudged is removed.
The trackless train can be washed with lukewarm and pressurized water and thoroughly scrubbed with a soft cloth. You can also use chemicals to clean the surface, but make sure it won’t react with steel or FRP.

• Controlling the Use: You must ensure that a well-trained and experienced person only operates the trackless train. Moreover, in time of no use, the train must not be accessed by any unauthorized persons.

• Follow the recommended operational procedure: To operate the trackless train ride, it must be ensured the manufacturer-recommended procedure is followed. It will prevent your ride from malfunction or damage.

• Assess the ride’s functionality and performance: During the operation of a trackless train, its performance and functionality must be assessed. Whether the ride is working properly or not.
If something unusual is detected, the ride must be stopped, and the problem should be solved.

• Hire the Qualified Staff: You must hire and train a qualified team of staff, which should be responsible for the ride’s operation, maintenance, cleaning, inspection, and repair.

• Replace Spare Parts: Some parts of the trackless train may wear off or expire with time, so they must be replaced before they break.

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